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Wolf Maker by Wyndbain Wolf Maker :iconwyndbain:Wyndbain 15,279 3,736 Gargoyle Template Female by averyarts Gargoyle Template Female :iconaveryarts:averyarts 37 7 Create A Character - Female V by Crysa Create A Character - Female V :iconcrysa:Crysa 19,992 4,446
Parasite Eve Artbook - Monsters
long, long ago, i found a little fan website that had nice big pictures of a bunch of the monster artwork in parasite eve. i've since lost all but one and the website seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet. plenty of character artwork, but one of my favorite aspects of the game was the monsters
BUT i have recently obtained something very wonderful in the mail. and now i will share it.
i took these with my camera; scanner kinda fucks up the pages. if anyone wants a better or a hi res or like the monster's info paragraph/cg image if i didn't get it in the shot, just ask.
and uh, crap, some of the bigger pictures got cut off by the journal so just right click > view image to see the whole thing if it did that
(/the one image I retained from that website)
plenty of other artwork in the book, too. map art, characters (you can find characters online easily though), storyboard stuff for the cutscenes... if you want to see something then I'll see if it's in the book and
:icondisgustiphage:disgustiphage 40 31
Chibi Absol OC by angeletic Chibi Absol OC :iconangeletic:angeletic 1 0 Absol Eating by angeletic Absol Eating :iconangeletic:angeletic 1 0 Fluff! by angeletic Fluff! :iconangeletic:angeletic 1 0 Free werewolf lineart by HeatherWolf Free werewolf lineart :iconheatherwolf:HeatherWolf 188 47 Chocobo Dress Up Game by Tifa22 Chocobo Dress Up Game :icontifa22:Tifa22 62 106 Lonely Frost by Artsie-KittyGirl Lonely Frost :iconartsie-kittygirl:Artsie-KittyGirl 117 16
Let It Go. Karkat X Reader
WARNING: What you are about to read may be offensive and/or triggering to some readers. I do not believe it is worthy of an 18+ block, so I will not place a mature content unless it is specifically requested. The major thing in here is cussing--but, first, it's Karkat, and second, how the Hell does one manage to read Homestuck if one finds cursing offensive? The triggering part may include suicidal themes, though this chapter is left on a much happier note than the prologue. Does not end in sadstuck! 
You have been warned.
You whipped around, surprised by the sound of your name being called--or, rather, shouted. Your [eye color] eyes met frosty gray ones that glinted with flecks of blood red. Unfortunately, your moment of reunion with the mutant blood was cut short as your left foot slipped off the icy bars beneath it, setting your balance askew. Your hands flew out, clawing at the empty air in search of something to grasp onto.  
:icon03i8:03I8 24 25
Shark Week: Dualscar x Reader
There has literally never been a time you have hated Mother Nature more. For (period length) days, you are CONSTANTLY BLEEDING WITH CRAMPS AND BACKACHES. Oh, and can't forget how haywire the feels are going. It's like you have a price is right wheel where your feels should be and it doesn't stop SPINNING. Cronus, one of your best friends, has dubbed your menstural cycle as 'Shark Week'.
((A/N: That's actually what I call mine.... Cause the waters all bloody-))
Usually, Cro comes over to take care of you so you don't murder anyone, but he was on a trip to (pick an awesome city) with Kankri and they wouldn't be back for a week.
You weren't very.... whats the word I'm looking for, oh thats right, LIKEABLE, so you didn't have any other friends who would come over and take care of you. Even if you did, how the HECK would you explain what was going on without grossing them out?
Anyways, you were now sprawled out across your couch with a bag of M&M's on one side and a heating
:iconsnowynightmaregirl:snowynightmaregirl 146 101
Kankri x Reader Petstuck Chapter 4
The apartment smells like mac n’ cheese, and a tiny troll with a mermaid tail greets you as you step in. You feel Kankri’s grip around your neck tighten as the seadweller’s gaze travels up past you and to your shoulders.
“Hi?” he asks in a tone of wonder.
“Hello,” your troll replies, slightly imperiously, up on his towering 5 foot zero throne. You pry him off your shoulders and set him down on the couch, where the seadwelling troll approaches him in a guarded fashion.
“I’m Cronus,” he offers.
“My name is Kankri,” the redblood whispers, his voice shaking slightly.
When Cronus speaks again, he’s slightly contemptuous. “You don’t havwe pants.”
You cringe, feeling Roxy's judgemental gaze rest on you. It doesn’t seem to bother Cronus, who very seriously and with some kind of weird lisp you can’t quite place, tells Kankri, “Wvait here.” He waddles off into the other room, a
:iconturtlenecksandtea:turtlenecksandtea 214 105
Cronus x Reader - I Knew I Loved You
The wind was chilly as is brushed past your face, sweeping strands of your (h/c) hair gently back past your ears. The skies were cloudy and everything seemed extremely quiet. Nobody was out today, and even Dualscar wasn't using the indigo weedwhacker in his front lawn like he does every evening. Everything was simply... calm.
Cronus Ampora had invited you to his hive. Your flushcrush always had the best ideas when it came to finding things to do, and every minute you spent with him were the most enjoyable ones. All traces of lonliness and sadness diminished around him. The only times you felt upset when with Cronus was the fact that... well, he only thought of you as a moirail.
You shook that information as far away as your mind would allowand you continued walking. About a block away, you could see his hive, an intricately designed building that always took your breath away. You quickened your pace, your shoes papping the pavement a bit louder. You started running, feeling excitement
:iconhomestuck-slave:Homestuck-Slave 109 18
Tavros x Reader - Truly, Madly, Deeply
       If you've learned anything from your moirail, Tavros Nitram, is that you don't need to travel places or do crazy things in order to have fun. The two of you have the time of your lives by simply staying in your living room. He had taught you how to play Fiduspawn, and you taught him to play Pokémon.
This morning, Tavros texted you that he had to tell you something important when he sees you. You didn't hesitate to invite him over, nor did he hesitate to make plans for the day. Now it was the afternoon, and you were still waiting, dying of anticipation. Sitting on the couch, you just play more Pokémon to pass the time.
The soft knock at the door makes you crack a smile. Tavros is finally here, and you excitedly opened the door to greet him. Tavros beamed at you and it looked as though he was going to explode if he didn't tell you the big news. After holding the door for him to wheel into your living room. Wasting no time, he grabs your hands. "(N
:iconhomestuck-slave:Homestuck-Slave 138 35
Eridan x Reader - It's Hard
((This is my very first fanfic. It might not be all that great, so feedback is appreciated.))
You and your moirail are both exactly alike.
Nobody seems to like either of you. They find you annoying and always cringe or even abscond when you're near. Being lonely is a difficult thing... Your quadrants are empty except for ♦, which is filled by Eridan Ampora.
Eridan just also happens to be your flushcrush.
You and Eridan love strolling along the edge of the ocean and complaining about everything to eachother.
"(name), do you evven knoww howw Sol came to be such a dick? That question alwways bothers me. Bothers me almost as much as Kar. The other day, oh, you havve no ide--"
You let him rant on about his hatred for other trolls. Your mind wanders to your constant thought. You and Eridan have so much in common... Your flushcrush is opening up to you while walking along the beach... you always love it when this happens. Maybe one of these days you'll eventually---
"Isn't that a load o
:iconhomestuck-slave:Homestuck-Slave 167 38




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